“Typical” Katonim Day

Great to hear that you’re interested in our camp, we’re always happy to welcome new families to our Katonim family.

During a “typical” day which runs from 9am-4:30pm, campers spend their time in a cabin group divided primarily by age group. Campers sign up for as little as a week, though most choose to stay much longer and many come throughout the entire summer. We tend to be a small camp, typically starting small at the beginning of the summer and growing in numbers as the summer progresses. We like the small community feel where everybody knows and cares for everyone.

Campers don’t choose their activities, but rather are scheduled in as a cabin group. We try to rotate through activities so that most kids will have an opportunity to do each activity a couple times per week – the one exception is swim classes which we try to get each cabin in every day. Since we are located on Lake Simcoe, we have access to the lake and water sports that many similar day camps simply cannot offer.

We offer a full range of activities including: Landsports (e.g. basketball, tennis, etc.), Arts & Crafts, Drama, Instructional Swim, Canoeing/Kayaking, Sailing, and Waterskiing.

A “typical” day at camp would be something like this: arrival at camp, three activity periods (approx. 1 hour each), lunch time together as a whole camp (children bring their own lunch from home although we have an optional lunch offered on Wednesday & Friday), some supervised free play time, followed by two more activity periods in the afternoon, then General Swim/Free play time.

Days tend to be long, exhausting, fun, and filled with lasting memories. Children who attend the camp talk about it all year long.

This, of course, is a “typical” day, since every day is a little different and special in its own way. For instance, we often have a surprise “theme day” during the week just to mix things up, and Wednesday evenings we invite interested campers to return to camp from 7-8pm for an additional choice of activities.

Camp Katonim really is a special little place in the world, and it’s still Lake Simcoe’s best kept secret!

The answer to many commonly asked questions can also be found in our parent handbook. PDF